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WEB Design

Somewhere, someone is always putting effort into making new design trends. The use of large scale photography is one of those trends that arrived in 2013. Large photographs not only provide a good contrast but also their message is clear and appealing.

What is important for SEO?

The arguments about whether content is king are never ending and everyone has their own views on it. We cannot conclude anything from these arguments. But we cannot rule out that text content is more important for a website than photographs. Text content is the oxygen of every website.

We suggest that website must use a minimum of 300 search friendly words. Also, we suggest that never use Flash for slideshows on website because it is outdated technology and it is very difficult for search engine spiders to crawl and index.
We do it with jQuery and CSS, they have many advantages over Flash.

Why Large Photographs?

It provides a pleasant visual experience to the eyes and eye catching photography has an impact that is hard to match. We should not forget the scientific fact that our brain processes images 60,000 times faster than reading text.

Images with impact can be important to make a vivid and memorable website. When you use a large photograph effectively, the photograph turns the website into a simple but yet beautiful web design. One thing you should remember is that the use of large photographs will make your website visually congested so make sure that other elements complement the images.

The reason behind this popular trend is that designers can play with depth, focus, contrast of photographs. It not only sets a good mood for the website but also provides relevancy with the niche of the website. This trend is getting wider and wider, day by day as designers experiment with animation and video, too. I would suggest you to use ONLY high quality photographs otherwise it will down your website in no time.

The web is a visual medium

Your company, products . . . needs to look extraordinary on the internet. We introduce you some of our works.

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